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Portrait photography is a collaboration between photographer and subject. It is not only an account of the subject in a particular place and time, but a means to reveal, or discover, things about both the subject and photographer. It is a vehicle for both to express themselves.

The camera is inherently limited. It cannot reach beyond time or space. It must capture the here and now. Stiff, contrived poses under generic studio lighting do not concern me. Is that what we want for our "here and now"? If "every picture tells a story", what will your portrait say about you?

The best portraits are made in our living spaces. The places that we call home. The places in which we work and play. These are the places that allow us to be ourselves. This is what the camera loves, and what you deserve. To be yourself, and nothing but yourself. Wherever and whenever your "here and now" may be. While the camera is bound by time and space, the finished photograph never is.

The world is my studio, the camera, my journal.



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